Sunday, 28 June 2009

Z80 Homebrew Computer


In this blog I will be keeping brief notes of my progress in trying to design and build a Z80 based computer.

I'm in no way holding this up as an example of how things should be done I just hope it will be of interest!

I first started this project back in 2007 and managed to build a RAM/ROM board with boot controller and ROM segment selector (I'll explain in a later post) but then I moved house and have never managed to get round to doing more.

Before I start I'd like to give some thanks to people who have donated many of the components I'll be using:

From uk.comp.vintage back in 2007:
Little Paul - wirewrap sockets
Barry Ruck - ICs and dip switches

From forums (2009):
GMB (George) - Wirewrap sockets
AC/HL (Bill) - Wirewrap gun and bit!
Brianc - Loads of ICs and sockets!

Also many thanks to the people on the vintage-radio forums and the comp.sys.cpm, uk.comp.vintage and comp.sys.acorn.* and bbc-micro mailing list who have given help and advice on programming and electronics over the years.


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