Monday, 3 August 2009

Once step step back

The step forward:

I've now got IM2 mode interrupts working - and a decent improvement in throughput!

The mistake I'd made was in the buffering of the Z80, not the software. When an IM0 or IM2 interrupt happens the z80 asserts /IORQ and /M1 together and the device puts the vector on the bus which the z80 reads, however the z80 doesn't assert /RD so my old buffering logic was not letting it through! I've now changed the buffers to work on /WR and WR instead of /WR and /RD. (new bits in blue boxes on the schema).

The step back:

I bought a CMOS z80 (8MHz) from ebay in the hope of improving on my clock speed but this hasn't worked out, the new part is only capable of 2MHz! No idea why yet though I think I'll try adding some pull-ups to the data lines between the buffers and the z80....can't hurt can it?


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